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Ducted air conditioners provide a climate control solution that covers your entire home/office via a system of ducted channels that keep every room cool/warm.

You can set multiple air conditioned zones so that individual rooms can be turned on or off depending on whether a room is being used or not, which improves energy efficiency. Many people prefer the aesthetics of these systems as there are no bulky machines involved; all of the “working parts” are hidden behind grilles in either the ceilings or floors. This also means that they run almost silently.

Specified correctly, it can work out cheaper than installing split system air conditioners in every room of your house and may even add to the overall value of a home.

We supply and install the top leading brands in ducted air conditioning being Fujitsu and Daikin.

If you decide on a ducted system from our selection below, contact us today to have it installed by one of our highly trained licensed air conditioning specialists to ensure that you get it installed correctly first time and avoid any nasty surprises.


Ducted Systems



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